Diversity & Inclusion
at Genentech

We are on the cutting edge of making life-changing medicines because we are open to the new and embrace the different.

We need to continue nurturing our culture to welcome diversity of thought and encourage inclusiveness for all. We want people to feel safe in speaking up and collaborating while challenging conventional thinking.

We drive innovation when we contribute to an inclusive culture that attracts a diverse mix of the best and brightest people, and inspires them to strive every day in making a difference.

The world is rapidly changing.

Aging population creating labor shortage
Shortage of critical talent in emerging markets
Minorities will be the majority
Millennials will be 50% of the global workforce in 2025
Four generations in the workplace
Women and minorities in STEM fields increasing

A look at diversity.

One important element of Diversity & Inclusion is representation. At Genentech, we will continue in our efforts to attract a broad and diverse mix of talented people with unique experiences and perspectives.

Below is a look at Genentech

  • Generational
  • Race
  • Gender
Millennials 18%
Gen X 58%
Baby Boomers 23%
Traditionalists 1%
Gen X
Baby Boomers
Caucasian 55%
People of Color 45%
Asian 31%
Hispanic 8%
Black 4%
Other 3%
People of Color
Asian 31%
Hispanic 8%
Black 4%
Other 3%
Female 52%
Male 48%

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.

Genentech is committed to being a diverse & inclusive place to work — and we are making efforts in these areas.

Leadership Commitments

We launched the leadership commitments in 2012 to create clarity about what attributes create a great leader and made the commitments a formal part of the 360 review process for our leaders.

Global Employee Opinion Surveys

Throughout Genentech’s history, listening to employees and acting on their feedback has been an important part of our success. In 2011, we began participating in Roche’s Global Employee Opinion Survey (GEOS). The survey is another way for us to gather and respond to employees’ feedback about what it is like to work here, including their sense of fairness and inclusion, as part of our efforts to grow as a great place to work.

Enhanced Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion (ID&I) Long-Term Strategy

Our ID&I team developed an enhanced ID&I long-term strategy in 2015 to improve diversity and inclusion at Genentech, ensure D&I philosophy is embedded throughout the organization, and ultimately to drive innovation and business results in measurable ways.


We can continue to improve.

of Genentech Officers are women — a 21% improvement since 2011 — but we can do better, since 52% of our population consists of women. 2015 company data

of employees feel safe speaking up and expressing their views to senior management — and we're taking steps to ensure all employees feel safe speaking up. 2014 Global Employee Opinion Survey (GEOS) result

It Takes
All of Us

We want to take Diversity & Inclusion to the next level.

D&I 3.0 at Genentech

Plus +
D&I 1.0
Diversity —
We are Many
A Mix of the Best People, Processes and Functions
D&I 2.0
Inclusion —
Working as One Team
A Culture Where Everyone Can Contribute and Thrive to Their Fullest
D&I 3.0
Innovative D&I —
Driving measurable business results
A More Strategic, Long-term Approach in Achieving Measurable Outcomes
= Better Decisions, Creative Solutions & Enhanced Business Results

What can you do to create a more diverse & inclusive environment?

Look for other opportunities to support diversity & inclusion within your functions.
When we leverage the differences that each individual brings to the table whether it’s perspective, opinion, experience, skill, and capability, and we do that in an inclusive environment, we can create so much more together than we can as individuals.”
Nancy Vitale
VP, Human Resources, Genentech and Regional Head, Human Resources, Pharma NA
Diversity & inclusion benefit all of us. If we are deliberate and thoughtful about them, what we can accomplish together is exciting. Moving forward, we will be showing in tangible ways how enhancing diversity and inclusion at Genentech drives business results and accelerates innovation.”
Julius Pryor III
Head of Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion at Genentech
The world is rapidly changing.
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